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   An examination of reality through the lens of a Neoplatonic mystic, Indiscretions on the Path is a scientistic tome of metaphysical and philosophical observations in a poetic form. Based upon the religious experiences of the author and framed in an accessible language, this book is for anyone who has questions about the foundations of experience or the nature of the experience of Deity.


April, 2011

Author Bio

The mystic known simply as "D" has recently emerged into the public consciousness with the publication of his first book Indiscretions on the Path. The author came late to the practice of poetry through his spiritual practices and study of philosophy, and feels that the poetic form is ideal for sharing the truths encountered in his pursuit of mystical union. A Montana poet, the author discovered mysticism and Neoplatonic philosophy as a method a of recovery and attainment, after spending years as a mental patient within the public health systems of Montana and Idaho. This first publication marks a particular stage in both the recovery and development of the mystic in which he returns to share the wisdom of his journey. Having picked up a cursory education in science during his years of recovery "D" returned from his journey in the unusual position of a man who has walked between worlds, and is able to relate these other worlds back to the practical and mundane. "D" has lived and worked in Missoula Montana for the last 12 years.

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